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HOYTS Queensgate has now closed to make way for the $220 Kings Square Project to revitalize the area and create a vibrant civic, retail, commercial and community hub in the heart of Freemantle.

Although it marks the end of an era don’t fret as the blockbusters will continue to screen a hop skip and a jump away (300m to be precise!) at HOYTS Millennium.

HOYTS Millennium showcases 4 cinemas including two 3D auditoriums and is home to Xtremescreen within one of the largest cinema screens in WA. HOYTS Xtremescreen allows movie buffs to enjoy the sights and sounds of the latest movie blockbusters (action, comedy, thriller…you name it!) on a massive scale with 10,000 watts driving a leading Dolby 7.1 Channel surround EX sound system.

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