From Vegas To Macau

15+ Mature Accompanied
From Vegas To Macau

  • Action violence and infrequent coarse language
  • Wong Jing
  • Chow Yun Fat, 
    Nicholas Tse, 
    Chapman To, 
    Benz Hui, 
    Kimmy Tong, 
    Philip Ng, 
    Gao Hu, 
    Jing Tan
  • Asian Cinema, Comedy
  • 94 MIN
  • 06 February 2014

Mandarin with Traditional Chinese & English sub-titles.

Superstar Chow Yun Fat reprises his classic role as the legendary maverick gambler from the original “God Of Gamblers” series. Nicholas Tse, Chapman To, Gao Hu, Jing Tan and Kimmy Tong round up an all-star ensemble cast in the slick card tossing, dice-flying action-packed crime comedy “From Vegas To Macau”.

Las Vega Chief Security Consultant Ken (CHOW Yun Fat) and world renowned “Invincible Hand” could identify not only mahjong tiles, but also cards with his fingers which had made him a gambling legend. After his retirement Ken returned to his hometown Macau, where he met his old friend Benz (Benz HUI), and Benz’s son Cool (Nicholas TSE) and nephew Karl (Chapman TO). Ken challenged Cool that if he could successfully cheat him or beat him once, he would then accept Cool as his protégé.

Cool’s step brother Lionel (Philip NG), is an undercover agent disguised as a mafia boss planning to control illegal gambling of international soccer matches. After Lionel secretly recorded a mafia meeting with the criminal evidence kept on a USB, it was accidently given to Rainbow (Kimmy TONG), Ken’s only daughter. With Rainbow in danger, Ken is forced out of retirement and must bring back his “Magic Hand” once again to uncover the evil plan…

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