Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2



  • Strong bloody violence and coarse language
  • Greg Mclean
  • John Jarratt, 
    Ryan Corr, 
    Shannon Ashlyn
  • Horror
  • 104 MIN
  • 20 February 2014

Trapped in a bloody battle of wits with sadistic serial killer Mick Taylor, a fresh group of unsuspecting backpackers find no mercy in this terror-filled sequel to Wolf Creek.

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he's at it again
Really good movie worth watching
This was pretty funny. I rather enjoyed it. Thanks for the entertainment!
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Wasn't as scarey as it was funny, great movie though
thought it was good, quality acting glad I seen it
Unpredictable and disturbing ..Mick Taylor is Australias answer to Freddy Kreuger!
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Though perhaps not an overall improvement on its predecessor, WC2 is a worthy entry to the series, and more fun than Mick's ever had before.
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A messed up and disturbing sequel that's much better than the first film! All horror fans need to check this out!
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The movie is just disgusting and has a lot of blood...I liked the first Wolf Creek much better!
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A total let-down after the first one, which was so intense and truly creepy. This one attempts to be funny in what appears to be a dark and gory way, but only manages to make the entire movie seem like it's trying too hard, which is a real shame seeing as the first one excelled at making you think...
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Started off really promising and gripping and by the end it was just dragging.
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2/5. A promising start led me to believe that the long awaited sequel was going to be worth the wait and unfortunately it wasn't even close. Rather than having you on the edge of your seat, the movie put more effort into trying to make the audience laugh, instead of cringing at the violence and how...
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Too much violence and the movie looses its plot.
Over the top in blood and gore. Not as good as the first one. Felt more like a comedy.
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Waste of time to see not as good as The first...where's all the torture like the first one... Story line didn't make sense at all very disappointed.. Waste of time and money!!
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Very Good.
Disappointed... I was looking forward to the guy dying just so the movie would be over!
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Very good. It was a shocker, but in a good movie sort of way. Very jumpy. Only John could play the part of Mick Taylor. Not for youngsters. I think it should've been kept at a R rating, not MA. I reckon number three will be on the way.
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Very violent. I did enjoy it though. Went to see this movie once I heard Margaret and David refused to review this movie. Very Aussie.
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Comedy of the year
This movie was very long winded. Talk about a constant chase through the outback and the annoying sound that mick taylor constantly makes is laughable. I was sad to think that while watching this I was hoping that the murders would just happen and get on with it. So sad.
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While I don't have anything positive to say about this movie about from the wonderful acting and special effects, there's not much that's negative either. I wouldn't rush off to see this again, nor would I recommend it to people. It's just a very nothing film. Let's hope the next one will be better.
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not as good as the first one
I went into this movie not really knowing what to expect, I was hoping it wasn't just going to be a similar scenario to the first, which it wasn't. Even though I did enjoy Wolf Creek 2, I can't say that I liked it more than the first, it seemed a little too slow for my liking. John Jarret still...
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After watching the first movie, there was nothing new of the desperation of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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I found it to be very slow in the beginning but become more thrilling towards the middle and end.
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