IFFM Parched - Opening night Q&A

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  • Leena Yadav
  • Tannishtha Chatterjee, 
    Radhika Apte, 
    Surveen Chawla, 
    Lehar Khan, 
    Riddhi Sen, 
    Mahesh Balraj, 
    Chandan Anand
  • Bollywood, Drama, Film Festival
  • 118 MIN
  • 11 August 2016

Opening night film: Director Leena Yadav and lead Radhika Apte along with host of other stars will be in attendance

An exciting contemporary melodrama, Parched is set in an isolated North-Indian village where long-uphold customs are slowly changing.

The widowed Rani seeks a bride for her young son, adhering to societal norms and expectations surrounding traditional arranged marriage. Rani and her friends, the spirited Lajjo, and exotic dancer, Bijli, begin to yearn for more than what life has given them, setting in motion a series of events with the potential to change each woman’s circumstances. Vibrant, colourful and sensual, and shot by Titanic cinematographer, Russell Carpenter, Parched presents a sharp portrait of gender inequality, and a stirring portrait of liberation. 

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