La La Land

15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Coarse language
  • Damien Chazelle
  • Ryan Gosling, 
    Emma Stone, 
    Amiée Conn
  • Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
  • TBC
  • 26 December 2016

“A primary coloured explosion of pure delight.” The Playlist

“It has been a very long time since we have seen something quite this lyrical, lovely, and most importantly, original on the screen.” Deadline

A huge hit with audiences and critics, La La Land is an exhilarating, music-filled romance starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. In modern day Los Angeles, two ambitious artists who fall in love – one a dedicated musician, the other an aspiring actress – chase their dreams and discover the joy and heartbreak of risking it all for your passion. Daring, enchanting and moving, La La Land re-invents the Hollywood classic for a new age, creating the kind of movie magic that sends you out of the cinema on a high.

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If you don't want a musical don't go see this ... both leads were exceptional ... just a delight to watch
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Made a pleasant change and good to see attempt at bringing back a Hollywood musical. Flowed well, good storyline but ending will be debated for some time.
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vibrant and fun loving film. Good story line mixed with singing and dancing. Love, expectations and life themes. Ryan Gosling was easy to watch
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This movie is great the opening scene is so amazingly shot and choreographed and that alone is worth going to see this nice real upbeat and plesent movie.
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Damien Chazelle does it again! Is there anything Gosling can't do?
La La Land got off to a great start. It was lively and vibrant and grabbed my attention... Then it forgot what it was doing. While it remained vibrant and very pretty to look at for the remainder of the movie, I couldn't say that I enjoyed it or see what any of the hype was about. The songs and the...
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After the opening scenes it was all downhill for us. Slow plodding pace difficult to follow story line and the musical and dance numbers were not all that inspiring. Give it a miss
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A "Golden Years of Hollywood" type musical with very high production values and very good performances.
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One of the most excruciatingly boring movies I've ever seen.
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