My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Parental Guidance


  • Mild sexual references
  • Kirk Jones
  • Nia Vardalos, 
    John Corbett, 
    Lainie Kazan, 
    Gia Carides, 
    Joey Fatone, 
    Elena Kampouris, 
  • Comedy
  • 94 MIN
  • 24 March 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 reveals a Portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.

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surprisingly funny for a sequel. loved it
Loved it. A great reunion!!!!
Of course doesn't have the impact as the first but still very entertaining and a 'feel good" movie...
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Didn't live up the hype, but still very funny and enjoyable movie!
My big fat greek wedding 2 is a good movie for any age.When i saw the movie i saw a 5 Year old watch it.It is a good experience in lux and more.
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very well done, they didn't try to out do the first movie they just built on it, i really enjoyed it
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This movie is really funny and very entertaining. I think it is funny than the first one. Viewed this last night at the Girls Night In.
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Could relate to a few things in this movie, a must watch totally hilarious
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Loved that it was a new storyline, not a rehash. A good laugh.
Charcters were full of humour, funny and amusing
Feeling nostalgic? This is the one for you - same big characters and loud opinions. you'll walk out of the cinema with a huge grin. Doesn't really have a strong plot, but if you loved the first movie, you'll love this one too.
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Colourful and fun themed, interesting characters with a light hearted continuity. Easy to watch and very relaxing film with lots of humour.
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