City of Rock

15+ Mature Accompanied
City of Rock


  • Coarse language
  • Dong Chengpeng (Da Peng)
  • Dong Chengpeng (Da Peng), 
    Qiao Shan
  • Asian Cinema, Comedy
  • TBC
  • 02 November 2017

Mandarin with English subtitles


Da Peng's (Pancake Man) sophomore feature film, CITY OF ROCK, follows Hu Liang, a young man from a small town in China, who wants to protect the town’s treasured Rock Park from redevelopment by a corporate real estate agent.


Hoping to save the park through organizing a charity rock concert in the park, he partners with music agent Cheng Gong. But when he is offered a large payout to cancel the concert, will Hu Liang choose money or will he save the beloved town’s park?

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