• Strong themes
  • Vikram Bhatt
  • Zareen Khan, 
    Karan Kundrra, 
    Rachel Shaw, 
    Manjit Singh, 
    Farida Mughal Singh, 
    Sonnia Armstrong, 
    Mark Williams, 
    Toby Hinson
  • Bollywood, Horror
  • TBC
  • 12 January 2018

Based in the year 1921, the fourth film in the 1920 film series deals with Ayush (Karan Kundrra) & Rose’s (Zareen Khan) battle with extreme paranormal activities created by a ruthless and cursed spirit that would lead them to their ultimate redemption or downfall. The lead cast has to deal with their dark pasts and secrets to secure their present and future. It is about a struggle between life and death, and is based entirely in the UK.

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