15+ Mature Accompanied


  • Horror themes, violence and coarse language
  • Sandra Ng
  • Sandra Ng, 
    Francis Ng, 
    Alex Fong, 
    Zhang Yi, 
    Yue Yunpeng, 
    Shen Teng, 
    Jiao Junyan, 
    Pan Binlong
  • Asian Cinema, Comedy, Horror
  • TBC
  • 11 January 2018

Mandarin with English subtitles and Traditional Chinese subtitles

A few of the oddball tenants of a building, fearful of being locked out by a ruthless property developer with his eye on their home, turn to flamboyant ghost hunter Golden Ling to perform a most unusual exorcism.

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Most of the actors in this film are famous Chinese comedians, making this the Chinese 'Ghostbusters!' Sandra Ng, who plays the Ghostbuster, is also the director and appears to have told her actors to act like Rita Repulsa in 'The Power Rangers' - hammy! The film's highlight is a parody of Michael...
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