A premium experience like no other with HOYTS Australia

With an extensive offering of comfier seats, yummier treats and premium experiences, there’s never been a better time to visit HOYTS Australia to sit back, relax and enjoy a riveting movie moment in style.

From the iconic salted popcorn combos to tasty ice creams, HOYTS offers an abundance of treats and delights to make a cinema experience like none other.

Director of Sales, Marketing and Content Stephanie Milles said HOYTS strives to make its customers feel like they are always enjoying a premium experience when visiting the cinema.

“HOYTS brings together an abundance of offerings that allow our customers to get the most out of their experience. Our cinemas across the country feature a variety of extra-comfy and luxurious cinemas tailored to every preference,” Stephanie said.

“For our general admission sessions at selected HOYTS cinemas, we offer our Delivery-to-Door service which allows customers to get the most out of their trip to the movies when it comes to ordering food during your film. Gone are the days of having to get up from your seat to refill your popcorn and drink.

“We also have HOYTS Xtremescreen auditoriums, an immersive D-BOX auditorium with seats that vibrate in sync, and our extra premium HOYTS LUX auditoriums which offers full in-cinema food and beverage service.”

Cinemagoers can also take advantage of other HOYTS’ premium offerings including:

  • Artie’s Bar & Café where there is a fully serviced bar and delicious food.
  • Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robins for the ultimate sweet treat cravings.
  • Chur Burger exclusive to HOYTS Chadstone helps add a little something extra to food and entertainment elements.

HOYTS Australia’s full-service cinema elevates your average movie experience, providing premium facilities and offerings at an affordable price point for every movie lover. 

For more information on HOYTS including what’s on, visit: hoyts.com.au



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