Audio Description

Audio Description Viewing System for movie audiences

Our Audio Description (AD) Viewing System consists of narration throughout the movie, describing what is happening on the screen during the natural pauses in the audio and sometimes during the dialogue.

How to access

You can access this feature through a supplied headset which is available at the Candy Bar or Box Office upon request. A signal is sent to the receiver in the headset which you wear. Please know that the narration begins once the movie has commenced. There will be no narration during ads or trailers prior to the movie.

To find Audio Description session times, look for the Audio Description – AD icon next to the session time.


Audio description is available at all HOYTS cinemas

Frequently Asked Questions

  • HOYTS is committed to making the cinema experience as accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible. HOYTS is a member of the Accessible Cinema Advisory Group (ACAG) a cinema industry group focused on the continued roll out of accessible cinema locations across the four major cinema chains of HOYTS, Village, EVENT Cinemas, Carroll & Coyle and Reading. HOYTS offers a range of services and technologies for people with mobility, hearing and visual disabilities at select HOYTS cinemas.

  • Accessible seats are available in all cinemas for guests with reduced mobility, including guests using wheelchairs.   To book an accessible seat or wheelchair spot online, look for this symbol when choosing your seats: For more information on accessible seating at HOYTS, please contact the cinema team directly.

  • AD - Audio Description Is an overall system that assists guests with visual impairments (VI). The transmitter enables the receiver (pack + headphones) worn by the guest to hear Audio Description soundtrack (VI). They can also elect to hear just the movie soundtrack at a higher volume via the headphonesThe transmitter can also enable a guest to access the HI soundtrack via the neckloop and pack that is tuned into their hearing aidCC - Closed Captions Is a system that assist guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. The device has a small screen that displays closed captions as the movie is playing. The unit has a base that fits into the cupholder and has a bendable arm that guests are able to position directly in front of them, allowing them to read & watch the screen at the same time.   Neither of these devices impact the viewing of other Cinema guests. These are personal devices used by guests at their seats.      OC - Open Captions HOYTS also operates select sessions with Open Caption (English subtitles).  Open Caption films allow the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to watch films with text and sound descriptions displayed on screen (English subtitles). Look for the "Open Caption" icon next to the session times to see which cinemas and sessions are screening these films.

  • HOYTS provides audio description facilities at select HOYTS cinemas. Audio description (AD) refers to an additional narration track for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media. It consists of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing what is happening on the screen during the natural pauses in the audio, and sometimes during dialogue if deemed necessary. Look out for this 'AD' attribute for Audio Description sessions.    For further information on audio description facilities at HOYTS, please click HERE for Australia

  • HOYTS provides open and closed captioning facilities at select HOYTS cinemas. Captioning is the text version of speech and other sound that occurs within a film. The CaptiView Closed Caption Viewing System for deaf or hard of hearing movie audiences consists of a small LED display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theatre seat cup holder. The easy to read screen is equipped with a high contrast display that comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the movie patron at the base of the screen image.  Look out for this 'CC' attribute for Closed Captions sessions.    Open Captioning provides a text version of speech and other sound on the big screen, generally at the bottom of the screen. No technology is required to take advantage of open captioning. Look out for this 'OC' attribute for Closed Captions sessions.