Sensory Screenings

We offer sensory screenings once per month (on a Sunday) at all HOYTS locations.

Watch family favourites in a sensory friendly cinema. The typical cinema environment can be stressful for guests with autism, sensory difficulties or learning impairments.

We’ll dim the lights and soften the volume so anyone with autism or sensory needs can feel safe in a calming and accepting environment.

At our sensory screenings, we:

  • Keep the house lights on throughout the movie.
  • Lower the audio volume.
  • Open the cinema doors early so guests have time to get used to the surroundings.


How to find Sensory Screening

To find out about sensory screenings at your local cinema, select Sensory Screening (SS) from the Legends and Filters section on the cinema movie showtimes page.

If no movies or session times are displayed, there may not be any sensory screenings for that selected week.