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After Death

108 min | 15 May 2024

Strong suicide references

After Death explores the afterlife with the guidance of New York Times bestselling authors, medical experts, scientists, and survivors that shed a light on what awaits us

After Death is a gripping film that explores the afterlife based on real near-death experiences, conveyed by scientists, authors, and survivors. From the New York Times bestselling authors who brought you titles like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Imagine Heaven, and To Heaven and Back, emerges a cinematic peek into the unknown that examines the spiritual and scientific dimensions of mortality, inviting viewers to contemplate the possibility of life after death.

Stephen Gray, Chris Radtke
Michael Jovanovski, Koko Marshall, Drew Neal Horton, Nicholas Saenz, Doug Lito
MA (Strong suicide references)
Release Date
15 May 2024
108 min