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Fade Away Pastoral

94 min | 14 May 2024

Mild themes

Among the Kazakh people living on the grasslands of China, a fatal accident leads to a conflict between two families.

The film tells the story of the conflict between the families of Humar and Hadisha caused by an unexpected accident. It depicts the nomadic life and emotional journeys of characters over 40 years, showcasing the cyclical migration on the grasslands. The narrative revolves around the Chinese Kazakh nomadic herders, who have been living by following water and grass for generations, and the significant changes that occurred in their lives after the era of reform and opening up.

Adixia Xiareheman, Jun Zhou
Marjan Baytoken, Hayrat Halem, Alimjan Tursenbek
PG ( Mild themes)
Release Date
14 May 2024
94 min