95 min | 6 Apr 2023

Very mild animated violence and crude humour

An adventurous mouse sets off to battle dangerous creatures in Ancient Greece, including Poseidon.

Argonuts invites you to embark with Pattie, a young super smart and adventurous mouse, and her cat-mate Sam on a colourful journey into Ancient Greece. Alongside the - now old – hero Jason whose city is threatened by Poseidon himself, their quest will bring them and their fellow-friends to confront the most bizarre and dangerous creatures from this age of mythology. A hilarious and inventive comedy adventure for the whole family designed by the crazy team behind The Jungle Bunch and Pil’s Adventures.

David Alaux
Kaycie Chase
Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
G (Very mild animated violence and crude humour)
Release Date
6 April 2023
95 min