Kayo Kayo Colour

96 min | 1 Mar 2024


In the slums of Ahmedabad, a working-class Muslim family go about their quotidian routines. For mother Raziya, the days revolve around chores and childcare.

Set in Kalupur, a neighbourhood in the old city of Ahmedabad, India, this slice-of-life film follows the daily life of Razzak and his family through an observational lens. Razzak, an unemployed father of two, endeavours to own an auto-rickshaw for business while his daughter, Ruba, is introduced to an interesting drink worth 100 rupees that she can't afford. Through a series of everyday events, the film uncovers the family’s struggles, interpersonal conflicts, joys, and ways of life as they navigate through the intertwined yet unassuming layers of social and political influence. The family is caught off guard as an unexpected move threatens their fate and alters life as they know it.Youtube trailer link: 

Shahrukhkhan Chavada
Rohma Refai, Bilkish Refai, Fahim Shaikh, Samina Shaikh, Imtiyaz Shaikh, Yushra Shaikh
Release Date
1 March 2024
96 min