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The Last Frenzy (Mandarin, Eng Sub)

106 min | 16 May 2024

Mild themes, violence and coarse language

Pay attention, the man in front of you is called Jia Youwei (played by Jia Bing). He is the undisputed spokesperson for the "Money Saving Gate" and the proud son.

Jia Youwei, a middle-aged man who has accomplished nothing, is diagnosed with a brain tumour and has only ten days left to live. So he sells his old house which is rumored to be demolished, and reunites with several others who used to live in the family home. They decided to indulge themselves in the last ten days of their lives. In this way, the five people who parted ways twenty-two years ago in the family compound gathered together once again, only to realize that each of them had faced their own hardships in life.

Rina Wu
Zhuo Tan, Yu Yang, Shenyang Xiao, Bing Jia, Dong Baoshi
Comedy, Drama
PG (Mild themes, violence and coarse language)
Release Date
16 May 2024
106 min